The Bard’s daughter goes on trial in emotional thriller

The Herbal Bed. Photographer; Mark Douet ANL-160215-133610001
The Herbal Bed. Photographer; Mark Douet ANL-160215-133610001

Based upon real events from Stratford-upon-Avon in the summer of 1613, The Herbal Bed is an emotional thriller recounting the public trial of Shakespeare’s daughter.

Accused of adultery with her neighbour, Susanna and her husband fall under the glare of intense public scrutiny as they sue her accuser for slander.

A powerful exposé of the contradiction between human desire and social convention which seeks to repress it, Peter Whelan’s moving and uplifting play provides a beautiful evocation of life in Shakespearean England.

It was first produced to great acclaim by the Royal Shakespeare Company before transferring to the West End and Broadway.

The Herbal Bed opened to stunning reviews and English Touring Theatre perfectly time their return to Cambridge Arts Theatre, after their successful productions of Arcadia and The Odyssey: Missing Presumed Dead, with this thrilling production about Shakespeare’s family, towards the end of his life, in the 400th anniversary of his death.