Students pass with flying colours

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Newmarket and Mildenhall students passed their latest gradings at The Mark Farnham Schools of Taekwon-do colour belt grading examinations.

From 125 students of varying ages across three grading sessions held recently in King’s Lynn, Newmarket’s Harvey Gillham achieved his 1st Kup A black stripe and Charlotte Simpson her 9th Kup yellow stripe.

Mildenhall students also fared well.

Domas Jakaitis achieved 8th Kup yellow belt, Joseph McLaughlin 8th Kup A yellow belt, Daiva Raudoniene 9th Kup yellow stripe, Marius Raudonis 9th Kup A yellow stripe and Austeja Simanauskaite 9th Kup yellow stripe.

Overall, the school had a 100 per cent pass rate on the day, under examiner master Ron Sergiew 8th Dan.

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