Step-up from Johnson cannot help Ellesmere

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Simon Johnson found the jump up to Ellesmere’s first team in Division One of the Ely and District Table Tennis League.

Maximums for Peter Xie and Jannek Hauser were the basis for a comfortable win for Fulbourn II, while Ellesmere’s Rhys Davies took a game off both and beat Nigel Bates to put their only point on the board.

Hauser joined Bates to take the doubles from Davies and Rob Boyce.

Fulbourn called up Phil Hague for a taste of life in Division One, but he found Jan Hyrca as uncompromising as everyone else as Impington took the lead. Helen Arnold overcame the slow-starting Martin Spott, but just fell short after going two up against Terry Lane.

Both Hague and Lane beat Bob Pettit to leave Fulbourn 5-3 down before Spott brought it even closer by beating Pettit.

However, Hyrca and Pettit beat Spott and Lane in three to give Impington the match 6-4.

In Division Two, Fulbourn V’s Nick Gatherer led off against Impington II’s Ben Lyden and took the match in four legs.

Julian Atudosie’s power play was much improved 
and he brought much of this 
to bear on Martin Dickson, who fought well but lost in 

David Lam was on form and gave little away to Mike Johnston, brushing him aside in three.

Dickson’s game with Gatherer was his second of the evening to go to five legs and this time Dickson came out on top.

This was followed by Atudosie against Johnston, another five-leg game which went to Impington although with three deuce legs it 
could easily have gone either way.

Lam cleaned up in three against Lyden and Gatherer beat Johnston in five before Lyden blasted Atudosie away in three.

In the final singles, Lam took a not-unexpected 2-0 lead against Dickson, but the Impington player took the next two to force a fifth leg.

However, Lam gathered himself together to win the 
final set before joining 
Gatherer to take the doubles and give Fulbourn an overall win of 7-3.

A dynamic exhibition of superb strokeplay kicked off the match when Tom Lodziak of Fulbourn III beat Jeff Catlin of Impington III in the fifth.

Dave Roitman overcame Colin Adams in another close encounter while Phil Hague beat Ena Catlin and later Adams.

Only Jeff’s hard-fought win against Roitman was keeping the Imps in the match, but Lodziak was called away to a domestic crisis and forced to concede his remaining matches.

Hague pushed Jeff hard but the momentum had gone with Lodziak’s departure and a promising Fulbourn win was reduced to a draw.

Soham Comrades II overcame Fulbourn IV 8-2 in Division Two, while there were Division Three triumphs for Elsworth II, a Carl Woolf-inspired Fulbourn VII, Countess and Fulbourn VI.