Rumsey making up for lost time after rediscovering passion

IN COMMAND: Liam Rumsey, red helmet, leads then Mildenhall Fen Tigers team-mate Nathan Stoneman
IN COMMAND: Liam Rumsey, red helmet, leads then Mildenhall Fen Tigers team-mate Nathan Stoneman

Liam Rumsey has claimed he has rediscovered his hunger and drive for speedway racing after agreeing terms to race for the Mildenhall Fen Tigers.

Having found himself without a club this year, the 25 year-old will make a return to the sport in 2015 after signing on the dotted line for the Suffolk side.

The former Stoke Potters racer, who endured an indifferent spell with the National League outfit in 2013, arrives on a 3.05 average, and is likely to occupy either the number two or number four slot.

“After having a sticky patch of form at the end of 2013 I didn’t have any concrete offers, except one from Buxton and after weighing it up I told my sponsors and parents that I would have a year out to see if I could get that hunger back,” said Rumsey.

“Speedway is a funny sport when things are going well it is great but when they aren’t you can go through the motions and when I was struggling at the back end of 2013 that is what was happening to me.

“After a year out it has given me a chance to analyse things and I have 100 per cent got that hunger back again.”

With news that clubs are only allowed 36 points to build a team next season riders on a 3.00 average, or just over, are fast becoming sought after acquisitions for promoters.

While Rumsey falls nicely into that category, there was only one avenue he was keen to take up next year, that of the one he has agreed to.

“I have been waiting for a call to come back to Mildenhall for over a year,” he added.

“When I was told at the end of 2013 that I would not be included in the 2014 team it was not a nice feeling but I completely got why the promotion did that, and it worked as they ended up winning silverware.”

“When Kevin (Jolly) left me a voicemail to call him back on Thursday I can not begin to explain how excited I was. I am still a bit shocked as I was not expecting it.

“I didn’t really want to go anywhere else as it works out well for me being close to home and the fans are spot on as they are so passionate about their club.”

Although is it hard to give over any team goals he thinks the Fen Tigers are capable of achieving in 2015, Rumsey has set himself one personal goal he hopes is achievable.

“I sent a cheeky text to Kevin saying that I will double my average next year.

“It would be brilliant if I could do that.”