Matthews sets new black belt record for Newmarket school

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Nicola Matthews, 16, is the youngest female member of the South Eastern School of Martial Arts (SESMA) in Newmarket to become a second Dan black belt when she achieved the grade at an examination at the Black Belt Academy dojo in Norwich.

Peter Elsdon-Dean and Lawrence Whitworth succeeded in gaining their first Dan black belts at the same grading.

Students were required to demonstrate hundreds of techniques, perform a pre-set sequence of moves and fight in order to achieve their grade.

The students received their certificates from Master Mick Blackwell, 8th Dan, Master Richard Vince, 7th Dan, and Master Wayne Baker, 6th Dan.

Newmarket senior instructor Sensei Jo Morgan said: “I am immensely proud.

“Achievement at this level is testament to their hard work, commitment and determination.

“They are already developing their coaching skills and are good role models for the other students in the club.”

SESMA Newmarket meets weekly at Newmarket Leisure Centre.

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