Huff feels a top 10 finish is still an achievable goal in WTCC

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Rob Huff remains confident that he can finish inside the top 10 of this year’s World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) final drivers table, writes Graham Clark.

Former WTCC drivers’ championship winner Huff still believes that he can bridge the 19-point gap between himself and Mehdi Bennani, who currently occupies 10th.

The Red Lodge racer, who handed LADA their first ever win in the WTCC in Beijing in round 18, will receive his first chance of eating into the Moroccan’s double-figure advantage on Sunday during rounds 21 and 22 in Suzuka, Japan.

“Finishing 10th in the championship is still a possibility as we still have a few race left this year but for us at LADA this year will be remembered for the win in Beijing which was unexpected,” said Huff. “I will certainly be hoping to pull out a good result in Macau due the good record I have there.

“As for Japan this weekend we are racing on the full F1 circuit so no-one knows really what to expect and we will just have to take it as it comes.”

Although aiming for a finish inside the top 10, the 34-year-old has revealed that he has given little attention to the drivers’ championship this year.

“I have paid no real attention in the championship this year as after the first few rounds it was clear Citroen would walk away with everything,” said Huff. “For us, every race weekend has been like a test session as our focus is already on next year.”