Flack completes his ambitious year-long ride

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Mildenhall Cycling Club’s Paul Flack completed the remarkable feat of cycling every single day of 2015 and in doing so accumulated a total of 8,866 miles, enough ride up Mount Everest seven times.

To put the 47-year-old’s achievement in to context, it is just under an average of 25 miles a day.

The idea came about after Flack heard about another cyclist, Steve Abraham’s ambitious attempt at breaking the overall mileage in a year world record which still stands at 76,076 miles.

“I guess it was that which really sparked the idea as I just wanted to see if I could get a taste for what Steve was going through, even if I was only doing a tiny amount of mileage compared to him,” explained Flack.

From the new year, Flack got on the saddle and began riding, not only in competitions such as road races, cyclo-cross and time trials, but also daily commutes and training sessions as the days passed and miles covered rose.

“The two toughest events were probably the Tour of Cambridgeshire, which was an 80-mile closed road gran fondo where we managed to group ride at a 23mph average without stopping for the whole distance,” added Flack.

“Holiday time in Cornwall was tricky - getting out for 20 or 30 miles while the family slept so that the day was not interrupted - while in July I had a week of gastric flu.

“I passed out due to the flu bug one night and I was sure the next day’s ride was not going to happen, but another mile was clocked up.

“The mileage kept going up with 250-mile weeks becoming regular.

“Despite the weather deteriorating, October and December turned out to be the best mileage months, each netting around 990 miles and I finished the year with the Festive 500 which is a challenge to complete 500km in eight days from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve.”

However, despite completing his task, Flack is yet to climb out of the saddle, surpassing the 400-day mark as he has no plans to stop just yet.

“I am sure this year will be different and potential business trips planned for February will enforce a day of rest, but until then, who knows, I might just keep going,” he added.