Darling takes runner-up spot


Bottisham’s Chris Darling stepped up his preparations for the London Marathon in April by storming to second place in this year’s Cambridge Half Marathon on Sunday.

The 20-year-old — a second-year student at Sheffield Hallam University studying physical education and school sport — recorded a time of one hour 12 minutes 28 seconds.

Both he and his sister Sophie have gained championship places from their half-marathon times.

They both started running after joining the triathlon club at Bottisham Village College.

Meanwhile, Newmarket Jogger Paul Holley sent a warning of what he is capable of in the Paris Marathon in April when recording 13th place in one hour 16 minutes eight seconds.

Newmarket Joggers: Martyn Talyor (35th, 1.19.54); Chris Gay (1.21.52); Joe Sadler (1.24.19); Alex Cairns (1.25.30); Kevin Connolly (1.28.26); Nik Chapman (1.34.34); Justin Long (1.34.17); Nicky Chapman (1.35.37); Grainne Brennanin (1.35.49); Marcus Hall (1.38.32); David McLaughlin (1.38.48); Neil Williamson (1.41.54); Charles Shoolbred (1.43.15); Clive Purbrook (1.46.26); Paul Francis (1.51.55); Jim Withers (1.54.22); Carolynn Anderson (1.54.39); Miles Johnson (1.56.51); Frances Bastable (2.01.41); Lynda McCormack (2.03.05); Mary Marsh (2.04.27); Isabel Vincente (2.13.04); Lisa Winnington (2.19.19); Jaclie Delf (2.34.16).

Tri Club results: Hayden Marsh (1.33.35); Clare Fleming (1.35.48); Angela Girgis (1.38.47); Brett Bayliss (1.42.45); Alex Leeson (1.43.03); Jake Woolf (1.44.24); Katie Adams (1.45.33) David Carr (1.46.08); Hayley Brewis (1.53.07); Sarah Nash (2.13.17); Sarah Lowther (2.43.58); Mick Lowther (2.43.58).