Clements is the man for Mildenhall

Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press

Pete Clements was the fastest up Primrose Hill in Moulton on Sunday for Mildenhall Cycling Club in their Annual Hill Climb Championship.

The 37-year-old completed the near 1000-yard hill in two minutes 22.04 seconds, nearly 17 seconds quicker than record holder Max Pendleton.

Juniors Ryan Skeats (2.31.34) and Adam Gough (2.36.38) both raced up the hill quicker than Pendleton.

The overall fastest rider was Ely’s Kieran Brady, who broke the two-minute-barrier in a super quick time of 1.54.95.


Under-18s: 1 Ryan Skeats 2.31.34, 2 Adam Gough 2.36.38, 3 Josh Murad 2.56.20, 4 Francis Robb 3.50.67, 5 Alexander Robb 3.58.45.

Over-18s: 1 Pete Clements 2.22.04, 2 Max Pendleton 2.39.03, 3 David Robb 2.47.51.