Caine considering his future as ruling ends championship bid

Michael Caine wins at Silverstone ANL-140618-154250002
Michael Caine wins at Silverstone ANL-140618-154250002

Michael Caine fears that his racing days may be numbered after effectively being ruled out of a drive in this year’s British GT Championship.

A ruling imposed by organisers of the championship, which is sponsored by Avon Tyres, has banned gold and silver driver pairings from participating this year.

The implication of the ruling would means that Soham based Caine, who is a gold standard driver, and his Oman Racing Team partner team Ahmad Al Harthy, who has a silver rating, would be unable to drive together in 2015.

“At the moment retirement beckons as me and Ahmad have been ruled a too exotic pairing which is very strange for a 45 year old car salesman from Soham,” said Caine.

“At the end of the year all the drivers and teams voted to say you can’t have a gold and silver driver together.

“We are certainly disappointed. It is the same though as if you were to ask Sebastian Vettel this year if Lewis Hamilton could race in this year’s Formula One championship I am sure he would say no.”

Naturally frustrated by the decision the former Carrera Cup star, and the 2012 Avon Tyres British GT champion, sees the move as an ill thought out one by those in charge of the championship.

“It is massively short sighted and when the grids are low in the British GT championship and they want us back, hopefully when that happens we will be doing something else,” said Caine.

“We had plenty of ballast in the car last year with the idea that we would not win races under the new rules and had we not been held in the pit lane for too long at Rockingham we would have been champions, which proved how competitive we were.

“They are going to lose a really good team and a well backed car from the championship with this decision.”

Although Caine has expressed his disappointment at the situation he finds himself he has pointed out that he will try everything in his power to ensure he gets behind the wheel this year.

“I am quite realistic about it all and it does have to end at some point but I don’t feel that it should be now,” said Caine.

“My allegiances lie with Motorbase so I will see what happens with them. At the moment nothing has been decided.”