Armstrong could make a Tigers return

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Kevin Jolly is considering the possibility of bringing back Mildenhall Fen Tigers fans favourite Jon Armstrong for a third stint at the club.

The Fen Tigers promoter revealed that Armstrong, who last rode for the club back in 2013 and has spent the last two seasons riding for National League side Stoke Potters, has expressed an interest at making a return to the set-up at West Row.

“There are so many permutations and riders that I am speaking to and waiting to hear back from, but one that I’ve had a definite comeback from is Jon Armstrong,” said Jolly.

“He doesn’t fit in with the youth image, but one of my biggest mistakes last year was not having solid man in the team to hold it together, and Jon is 100 per cent a team man, so it’s a possibility I’m looking at.”

One rider who will be featuring in the Fen Tigers septet next season is Connor Coles who has agreed terms for a third successive season.

Jolly said: “He is a gift on a 5.61 average and I can see him putting at least two points on that average.”