Ipswich Town fan Russell Claydon asks: ‘Will Marcus Evans end up holding us back?’

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To some, it may seem like a strange question to pose, but is Marcus Evans the man holding us back?

An owner with millions in the bank is surely every fan’s dream.

But what if that man decided to hold back, after having his fingers burnt?

Or decide to buy our training ground as his investment, with us having to then pay the interest back to him?

It is not a black-and-white issue, unfortunately, with transfer fees alone not telling the whole story.

A lot get too hung up on those, when the real indicator of financial backing lies in the mystery of wages.

Clubs are not going to come out and shout about what their wage structure is, unless they are fiercely proud of being able to punch above their financial weight, like us.

This week Mick McCarthy let slip, or perhaps he was happy to, that our annual wage budget was ‘£5million or £6million’, while QPR’s was something like ‘£75 million’ last season.

So, the very conservative estimate of 30 players in a squad (ours is less) says our average is around £3,000 to 4,000-a-week.

The clear indication over the summer was that structure was far from dismantled.

If we do make it to the milk and honey land of the Premier League, it will be with a two finger salute to those who have clearly ignored Financial Fair Play parameters to try to bankroll their way there.

But what if we don’t make it?

You can hear the money excuses for ‘dark horses Ipswich’ right away.

And who would be having the last laugh then? Not us.

But with one of Britain’s wealthiest men in charge of the purse strings, is that not a wasted opportunity?

After what seems an age, we’re finally back in action on Saturday in a top-four clash at Bournemouth (3pm).

It won’t be easy, but right now, I can’t imagine anyone wants to play us.