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Clash with Kent Kings skipper leaves Jolly facing action

HEATED EXCHANGE: Kevin Jolly confronts Luke Bowen
HEATED EXCHANGE: Kevin Jolly confronts Luke Bowen

Kevin Jolly could face disciplinary action from the Speedway Control Bureau following an altercation during the Mildenhall Fen Tigers’ 55-35 victory over the Kent Kings on Sunday, writes Graham Clark.

The Fen Tigers promoter was recorded to have thrown a punch at visiting captain Luke Bowen by referee Margaret Vardy in her meeting report following an incident in heat 13.

Having demonstrated to Vardy before the race over Bowen turning left towards the tapes, which is an exclusion offence, Jolly and Bowen had to be separated twice on the track, following the Kings’ rider’s exclusion for sending Connor Mountain into the second-bend air fence on the first lap.

“There was an issue with Luke Bowen but the less said about it the better. It has gone to the Speedway Control Bureau,” said Jolly.

“Luke Bowen and me shook hands afterwards and as far as I am concerned it is dead and buried now.

“I am my own worst enemy sometimes but I am very passionate about the sport and this club.”

With the club having made a positive start to the season with a 94-84 aggregate victory over the Kent Kings in the Easter Chase, and 46-43 away win in their opening National League encounter against the Cradley Heathens, Jolly wants to leave Sunday’s incident in the past.

“As far as I am concerned the club are looking forward not back at the issue. It has happened now we have got to go forward.”

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