Yoga master to lead marathon session in Freckenham

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A yoga marathon is being held in Freckenham on Sunday to support poor Indian children.

Full-time yoga teacher Chrissie Bond, from Freckenham, is ready to lead people through 1296 yoga moves at Freckenham Village Hall to raise money for The HOPE Foundation.

She gives £260 a year in fees from her classes to the charity which pays for an eight-year-old Indian girl, Mahi, to be educated.

In October, she’s taking a 10 day trip to Calcutta to meet Mahi for the first time and is aiming to raise £3,000 for the foundation before she goes.

“It’s going to be so emotional. It’s very personal choosing a child. I chose her because she’s about the same age as my grand daughter,” she said.

“The first time I went out to India I was hit by the children coming up to you looking bedraggled, with nits in their hair, looking very ill, begging for food and whatever you can give them. You see them picking at rubbish and it broke my heart.

HOPE protects slum and street children in India from prostitution, drug addiction and abuse and provides them with health care, food and care.

“What appeals to me about HOPE is that it’s really quite small. There are minimal admin costs and a lot of the money is going to supporting the children,” Chrissie said.

“My students know that by coming to my classes they are contributing to Mahi’s education so it brings us all closer.

Chrissie has been teaching yoga full-time in Newmarket and surrounding villages for 12 years.

Sunday’s class costs £20 to register for and includes up to three hours of yoga, split into four sessions. Participants are encouraged to get sponsored for the exercise.

Contact Chrissie on 07802784904 to book in for Sunday’s session or visit to contribute to her fund for The HOPE Foundation.