WW1 re-enactment fund for Exning

Exning pirmary school WWI re-enactment ANL-141029-090712001
Exning pirmary school WWI re-enactment ANL-141029-090712001

A new council fund is helping to pay for a special re-enactment event in Exning next month to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.

Some 280 Exning men enlisted and fought in the four-year conflict and a century on, relatives of the men, the current residents of their homes and neighbours, will on Saturday, November 8, walk to Exning Primary School and ‘sign up’ just as the 280 men had done from 1914 onwards.

The event, organised by Exning resident John Saville, is being funded from Forest Heath District Council’s new World War One Community Fund, the brainchild of Cllr Robin Millar.

Exning councillor Simon Cole has given £250 to the Exning event from the fund and is also giving £250 from his locality budget.

“It is only through themed events that we can ensure generations are made aware of what their great, great grandparents endured, how they lived, grieved, how young boys went off to war, saw best friends killed, and how those that returned were left with physical and mental scars that lasted their lifetime,” he said.