Would-be nurse Emma to rescue

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A brave Red Lodge student came to the rescue of a man hit by a bus - while she was on her way to an interview for a place on a nursing course.

Emma Tillett, 40, was due to attend an interview for adult nursing at the University of East Anglia (UEA) when the bus she was travelling on collided with a pedestrian, leaving him badly injured.

The quick-thinking West Suffolk College student, who was the only passenger on the the bus, stepped in to help the casualty, a radiologist from the Norfolk and Norwich hospital, who had suffered a broken shoulder, broken ribs and cuts, and waited with him until he was taken to hospital.

She instructed a passer-by to call for an ambulance and the police, and helped to calm the distraught bus driver.

When Emma arrived for her interview, late and covered in the casualty’s blood, a policeman who had been at the scene insisted on going with her, telling the admissions tutor they had better give her a place as she had been “marvellous”.

The UEA duly obliged with a very low conditional offer.

Emma also received an offer of a place at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Emma credited her college course for giving her “the confidence and ability to cope in that situation, and the belief in myself that I can achieve”.

She said: “Two years ago, I would never have believed that I would even be thinking of university, let alone be getting two offers.”

Bridget Petherick, director of the Access to Higher Education course which Emma was undertaking at the time of the collision, said: “Emma did tremendously well and we are all very proud of her.”