Worries over plan for 29 new homes

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Latest news from the Newmarket Journal, newmarketjournal.co.uk, @nktjournal on Twitter

Residents in Mildenhall are rallying against a planning application which they believe could threaten their children’s safety.

Their concern is over an application for 29 houses behind Wren Close, Robin Close and Sanderling Close, on the Lark estate and the proposed access road for the development, at the end of Wren Close, will they said would pose a risk to children who currently play on a green at the end of the road.

Wren Close resident and mother Sarah Sharp said: “They’re no longer going to feel safe there,” she said. And fellow parent Donna Bridgen, of Robin Close, added: “We have a green for the children to play on, which is why we love it so much. There are lots of families here with young children and we don’t have to worry about cars. But the kids won’t be able to go out and play unsupervised anymore. There’s going to be so much more traffic that it will be too dangerous.”

Together the pair have started a campaign against the proposals, distributing leaflets around the Lark estate and organising a petition. They have also set up a Facebook page and have already held a well-attended residents’ meeting.

“We are quite close knit on the estate and all look out for each other. It’s so sad it has come to this. Everyone is getting angry and worried,” said Sarah.

A spokesman for Webster Associates, the company behind the application, said access to the proposed development was still to be determined, but did not wish to comment further.