World Cup to kick off with booze ban

A drinking ‘ban’ designed to help police reduce anti-social behaviour could be in force in Newmarket town centre by the start of the World Cup next month.

The designated public place order (DPPO), which was originally suggested by Newmarket Town Council following complaints by residents of the Church Lane area of the town, has been backed by a public consultation, will enable police and community support officers to tell people not to drink in a public place and seize their booze.

It is not a comprehensive ban on people drinking in the open air in a ‘considerate and responsible manner’ but anyone who refused to comply with police instructions would be committing an offence.

Forest Heath District councillor Robin Millar, who represents the All Saints Ward of Newmarket, and is the authority’s cabinet member for families and communities said: “Many people live in and visit Newmarket town centre. It is right that they are able to do so safely and without inconvenience.

“With that in mind, we have been working with the 
police and Newmarket town council to help minimise nuisance and disorder in the town.”

The issue of drink fuelled anti-social behaviour was raised at a police priority setting meeting last year and with Newmarket Town Council which then approached the district council requesting an order be made.

Newmarket police sergeant Mark Shipton, said: “We have been working in partnership with Forest Heath District Council and have been fully supportive of the DPPO application, as it is seen as another tool that can be used by frontline officers to tackle nuisance or annoyance associated with drinking alcohol in a public place.

“Newmarket is a peaceful town, but, like other places, disorderly incidents do occur.

“These incidents impact on the residents’ rights to peacefully enjoy their own homes and the town itself. Statistics and experience will show that the misuse of alcohol often plays a part in these incidents.”

Members of Forest Heath District Council meeting last night were being urged to support the ban which will apply to the High Street from Grosvenor Yard to the clock tower, St Mary’s Square and Fred Archer Way.

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