Work set to start to beat town road floods

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Work on addressing flooding issues on a well used stretch of road in Mildenhall is to begin later this year, according to county council officials.

According to Suffolk County Council plans are in place to tackle drainage problems on College Heath Road, close to the junction with Girton Close, in the summer.

Flooding problems on the section have road have plagued motorists for years with the road often impassable following heavy rainfall.

“Suffolk Highways have investigated the ongoing issues at College Heath Road and believe that the problems of pooling water are mainly due to insufficient capacity in the existing drainage system,” said a spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council.

“This results in excess rainwater flooding the road during times of unexpected heavy rainfall.

“An assessment of the area has been completed and Kier MG are now in the process of preparing calculations to determine the requirements and sizing of the storage areas of proposed scheme. The scheme is proposed to begin construction this summer.”

The proposed scheme being put forward by the county council is to create areas of rainwater storage in the form of highway swales, a type of roadside drainage system, or detention basins to collect and retain the excess water and release at a controlled rate into the below ground piped drainage system.

Prior to any work starting, additional surveys for the problem area on College Heath Road will be commissioned to help in preparing the design and also confirm the condition of the existing drainage system.