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Woman escapes unharmed after freak accident in Newmarket’s Fitzroy Street.

Fitzroy Street crash
Fitzroy Street crash

A woman driver was unscathed following a freak accident in Newmarket’s Fitzroy Street today which left a car on its roof.

Street resident Anne-Marie Hughes, said: “According to the lady who was driving the car. She was coming down Fitzroy Street and waited behind the parked cars to let the oncoming vehicles come past. She went to pull out and as she did do hit one of the parked cars whereupon her car flipped over. No other vehicle was involved.

“The police came and said it would not be reported as a road traffic accident as no one was hurt, but would be reported as an incident.”

Mrs Hughes, who together with other residents is campaign for measures to combat speedin in the road, added: “It wasn’t a speeding incident but nevertheless an example of many traffic incidents that have gone unnoticed.

“It also drew a lot more support from neighbours and residents from surrounding roads who are concerned about the speeding, the parked cars that are hazardous and cause blind spots and the general safety to the residents.

“The police officer I spoke with told me he believed that Grosvenor Yard should definitely be made one way.”

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