Warning to horse owners after attempt to steal locked trailer

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press

Horse and stable yard owners have been urged to step up security after and attempt to steal a secured horse trailer.

Suffolk Police say someone driving a white, 04-plate Transit-style van went to a farm in Barrow at about 10.30pm on Wednesday removed the locks from the yard gates and tried to tow the trailer away with its hitchlock still in position.

The offenders abandoned the trailer in the road when their attempt failed.

If you have information in relation to this incident call Suffolk Police on 101 reference BR/15/693

Suffolk Horsewatch and Police advise:

Park your horse trailer in a secure gated compound or yard where it cannot be seen by passing traffic.

Fit a hitch lock and wheel clamp. Caravan dealers are a good place to source these.

If you keep the trailer at your livery yard, tell the other liveries and the yard owner that no one else has authority to remove the trailer.

If you are at a show and someone asks you about your trailer do not tell them where you keep it.

If you take your trailer to a show lock it to the tow vehicle using the locking coupling head and fix your wheel clamp to one of the trailer wheels. Believe it or not horse trailers are often stolen at shows!

If you keep the trailer at home on your drive, consider using two wheel clamps or attach a heavy duty chain through the trailer towing arms and secure this to an object that cannot be moved.

Park your vehicle across the trailer or in front of it, nose-to-nose, preventing another vehicle from accessing the hitch.

Satellite/Terrestrial Tracking Units: these are an excellent method of locating and recovering expensive horseboxes and/or trailers, and are relatively cheap, when compared to the loss of a vehicle and possibly a horse along with it. (trailers need one with its own battery).

Consider marking the roof of the horsebox/trailer with paint or custom-made vinyl lettering. This lettering is virtually impossible to remove and is easily visible from road bridges and police aircraft.

Mark other parts such as breast bars, partitions and panels. The owner should keep a record of where the trailer has been marked.

Do not leave tack or other properties in the lorry or trailer as it is easy to steal or will simply go missing with it.

You can use you postcode to mark the trailer.

Wheelclamp manufacturers recommend attaching a clamp to a rear wheel because the front wheels can be lifted off the ground at least long enough to drag the trailer somewhere where the clamp can be attacked. Some insurers require a wheelclamp whenever the trailer is parked.