Villagers’ litter haul is sobering message to louts

Sheila Bailey and Richard Ashley ANL-151003-114209001
Sheila Bailey and Richard Ashley ANL-151003-114209001

Residents of a picturesque village just outside Newmarket have mounted their own roadside demonstration to show litter louts are blighting the countryside where they live.

Sheila Bailey and Richard Ashley who live in Kirtling have between them collected more than 1,000 beer cans dumped in the ditches along the Wood Ditton to Kirtling Road.

And they decided to display their hoard in a bid to discourage people from using the lanes as a rubbish dump.

“The amount of cans we have found is outrageous,” said Sheila, who has lived in the village for more than 40 years “For me it started when I walked up and down the road and noticed the horrendous amount of cans on the roadside and in the ditches.

“The way they were evenly spread suggested they were being thrown out of cars but that raises another concern because most of the cans are Fosters lager,” said Sheila.

She and Richard became so fed up of looking at all the litter that they decided they would do something about it. And they weren’t the only ones.

Sheila said she had met a cyclist from Swaffham Bulbeck who regularly cycled along the stretch of road and had also noticed the litter.

“He said he was so fed up to the back teeth with what he saw that he collected around 200 cans from the roadside,” said Sheila.

She said the issue had been raised at a local police meeting but had been told there was nothing the force could do unless the culprits were caught in the act.

Sheila and Richard also contact East Cambridgeshire District Council. “The enforcement officer there was very helpful and told us what we had done collecting all the rubbish was brilliant,” said Sheila.

A spokesman for the Ely-based council said: “We are investigating a serious littering issue in the Kirtlling area after approximately 800 beer cans and other litter was found in the ditches and hedgerows on the roadside between Kirtling and Wood Ditton.

“Last year the legislation changed so the registered keeper of a vehicle could be held responsible for any littering offence that takes place from that vehicle. If anyone sees anybody throwing rubblsh from vehicles, call 01353 665555.”