Village centre offers lifeline for alcoholics

A new alcohol treatment and detox centre has opened just outside Newmarket.

The treatment centre, in Kennett, is the third UK rehab to be opened by specialists Abbeycare, whose founder John McLean is himself a recovering alcoholic.

The company also has two rehabilitation facilities in Scotland that also focus exclusively on treating clients suffering with alcoholism and the problems associated with alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse.

The Kennett centre will accommodate a maximum of 12 residential patients at one time and will offer a 28-day recovery programme, during which clients will undertake a medically-supervised detoxification and intensive therapy.

Phillip Baron, manager of Abbeycare in Newmarket, said: “It is important to know the warning signs, as getting the best alcohol treatment at the right time can save someone’s life.

“Abbeycare Newmarket is committed to offering people the best opportunity for recovery from a progressive chronic condition that could prove fatal.

“Our clinic will offer access to specialised treatment for what has become a major problem affecting people from all walks of life.”