Tutte work set to start

Work is due to get underway on a sculpture and public open space, honouring wartime codebreaker Bill Tutte on Newmarket’s Rutland Hill later this month.

The project, which has been two years in the planning, will commemorate Newmarket-born Professor Tutte’s work cracking the Nazi’s Lorenz code ensuring the successes of allied operations such as the D-Day landings.

The Code Breaker sculpture, designed by Harry Gary, will be six steel panels with punched holes depicting the punched paper tape Professor Tutte worked with at the secret Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park. When viewed from a specific angle the panels will reveal the face of the mathematical genius who was never officially recognised for his war work. Work on site will start on Monday, June 16, and the sculpture is set to be unveiled on September 10.