Town’s third primary school to take first pupils in September

The new primary school – Soham’s third – will be built in The Shade and is due to take its first pupils in September 2013.

The buildings will be funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and will cater for children aged between four and 11 living on the north side of the town. It will be built in two phases.

The first will open in September 2013 for 30 reception-aged children, then the school will increase in size by adding a new reception class each year until it is providing for all seven year groups, a total of 210 places. The school will also include early years accommodation.

Phase two will depend on housing development in Soham, but is not expected to be needed before September 2016.

The site for the new school is owned by the County Farms Estate, on land already designated for education use within the Soham Masterplan.