Time for toddlers to brush up their smiles

Foley House dental health launch ANL-150903-160620001
Foley House dental health launch ANL-150903-160620001

Nearly one in four children living in the Newmarket and Mildenhall area is showing signs of tooth decay by the time they are five.

The figure is put at 24.4 per cent which is above the 23 per cent average for the east of England according Suffolk County Council’s public health team.

On Monday the authority, working with dentists, launched a campaign at Newmarket’s Foley House Children’s Centre in Wellington Street to try and improve the state of children’s teeth with the launch of the first county-wide child dental health campaign.

Starting this month, all parents will be given a free pack containing a toothbrush, toothpaste and information leaflet at their child’s scheduled 12-month check with a health visitor.

The campaign, believed to be one of the first in the country on this scale, aims to promote life-long good dental health from an early age with tips on good brushing technique, what food and drinks to avoid and when to see the dentist. The project will run for the next five years.