Step back in time for Exning school pupils

Exning school May 2014 ANL-140905-154634001
Exning school May 2014 ANL-140905-154634001

Children at Exning primary school took a step back in time to find out what it was like in their school during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Pupils from the school’s Years 1 and 2 became Time Detectives over the last half-term and the Victorian Day marked a special end to the project.

Staff and children dressed up, chose Victorian names and paid the equivalent of an old penny to come into school.

They sat in rows and learned the three Rs by rote, took part in formal drills in the playground and played games popular in Victorian times.

They experienced writing on slates as well as using quills and ink and while the girls had lessons in cross stitch the boys did woodwork. There was even a taste of Victorian school discipline – “three strokes” for disobedience and the dunce’s hat for those making mistakes in their work.

Teacher Jane Segust said: “The children had a fantastic day. They learned through experience what it was like in a Victorian school. We have no doubt it is something they will remember for years to come. The research and learning from the previous weeks really had the opportunity to come alive.”

From the Journal archive is a picture taken in July, 1899, which shows how schoolchildren looked when Queen Victoria was on the throne.

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