Sports centre cuts down hours

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Governors of a village college claim that a lack of government funding for Cambridgeshire schools has forced them to cut public use of its sports facilities.

Following a meeting earlier this month it was decided that the sports and leisure facilities at Bottisham Village College (BVC) would only be open for community use from 4pm until 10pm Monday to Friday starting from January next year.

In a statement the governors said the decision to reduce the opening hours of Lode Road centre, which the college has run since 2008, was made due to the lack of income generated by the community use which fell short of the income needed to run the site.

It said that over the past few years the village college had met the greater proportion of costs of the centre, in recognition of its own use of the facilities and, in addition, had met any shortfall relating to community use.

“That position is no longer sustainable especially in the light of the poor funding position faced by Cambridgeshire schools,” said the statement.

Although governors have decided to reduce the hours the centre is open to the public, they said they would be working with those affected to try to find alternative solutions.

“We are committed to supporting existing users to work with us in order to explore the possibility of accessing the facilities at other times by forming a community user group,” said the statement.

“We are delighted that these discussions are progressing well with several groups.”