Something exotic in Soham

Soham Angle Farm ANL-140422-095515001
Soham Angle Farm ANL-140422-095515001

A Soham husband and wife launched a new exotic animals farm in the town on Saturday.

David and Liona Woricker have taken 18 months to transform what they called “seven acres of bramble and muck” into South Angle Farm Park, an animal educational facility with tarantulas, lizards, insects and snakes. The project received funding from Cambridgeshire County Council and Fens Adventurers.

“We have a big family in East Anglia including plumbers, carpenters and builders and we are lucky that we have lots of people who are willing to learn new skills,” said David.”We have all become accomplished brick layers and shed putter-uppers.”

Rather than being open to the general public, groups are asked to pre-book for exclusive access to the farm on Angle Common.

“Animal interaction is the main focus. We like to keep it hands-on and interactive and the best way to do that is with small groups, “ said David.

“All the animals can be handled. We are also set up very well for special needs adults as it is a closed, presenter-led environment.

And he added: “We are ecstatic to finally be able to share our hard work with Soham and the wider area.”