Soham student died after taking overdose

A Soham art student who an inquest heard had suffered at the hands of bullies died after taking an overdose of a drug used in the treatment of anxiety and panic.

Sixteen-year-old Pasha Clark, of High Street, was 16 when she suffered a cardiac arrest at her father Steven’s home in Soham on June 8.

Although he and paramedics tried desperately to revive her Pasha, a student at Soham Village College, died at the scene.

An inquest into her death was held in Huntingdon on Wednesday and heard that Pasha had taken an overdose of the prescription drug, Propranolol. Dr Penny Wright, the pathologist who carried out the post mortem, said: “We do not know exactly how many tablets Pasha would have swallowed but we estimate it to be around 80.”

The inquest heard that the level of Propranolol in Pasha’s blood was 6.15mg per litre of blood with a therapeutic level being around 0.3mg and around 4mg, high enough to be fatal. Dr Wright said that “superficial lacerations” were also present on Pasha’s left forearm, approximately 17 of which were recent.

Through evidence from Pasha’s mother, Tracey Edwards, friend Paul Harley, and her GP, Dr James Howard, the inquest heard that Pasha had suffered mental health issues since she was 13 and that she had been bullied at school, in the local community, and online and had self-harmed, taken overdoses, expressed suicidal thoughts and experimented with alcohol and drugs.

The inquest heard Pasha had received support from mental health services and had completed school-based counselling run by the Centre 33 charity just months before she died.

Recording a narrative verdict, coroner William Morris said there was a lack of evidence to suggest that Pasha deliberately intended to take her own life.