Shower slip nearly scuppers Rita’s Kilimanjaro climb

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A Newmarket woman who has travelled the world completing treks for charity, has just returned from her latest adventure walking up Mount Kilimanjaro.

But Rita Munns, 67, of Aureole Walk, who has raised more than £21,000 for St Nicholas Hospice Care through her ventures in China, Peru, Jordan and the Himalayas, nearly didn’t complete her latest mission after she slipped in the shower and cracked several ribs. The injury three days into the seven day hike and left Rita in excruciating pain. But the grandmother who takes the ashes of her late husband Richard with her on her travels, said she was determined to get up the mountain and back.

“I just knew I had to do it,” said Rita, who is pictured with fellow trekker Tony Kite from Bury St Edmunds and Rob Childerhouse who works at Smiths Gore in Newmarket.

“It took hours and I had to be carried some of the way but I made it in the end.”