Shock over food hygiene

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A pub and bakery in Soham have been given the lowest possible rating for hygiene in the latest inspections by the Food Standards Agency.

The Cherry Tree, in Fordham Road, and Fullers Bakers, in Churchgate Street, were both given a rating of zero for food hygiene, meaning they require urgent improvement.

The establishments are two out of five across Cambridgeshire to be rated zero - scores range from zero to five with five being “very good”.

Meanwhile, ratings of one - indicating major improvement was needed - were given to the Golden Dragon in Hall Street, Cekisabe and Best One, both in High Street, Webb Stores in Fordham Road, and Soham Methodist Church Hall in Berrycroft.

Elizabeth Bailey, East Cambridgeshire District Council’s principal environmental health officer, said: “Food businesses can have a low food hygiene rating for a number of reasons including poor cleanliness, hygiene or poor management standards relating to food safety.

“After we have visited somewhere, we will always highlight the areas which need to be improved and work with the owners to suggest ways they can implement changes. In the past, we have also run food hygiene training courses to help premises serving food to know what they need to do - so people are aware of what is required.

“Ultimately our task is to help the public know how well a business serves, prepares and sells food - the hygiene rating is one very clear way of doing this.

“We are in the process of organising one-to-one coaching for zero and one-rated takeaways to improve standards as all food businesses should be able to achieve the top rating of five.”