Scouts hit by vandal attack on marquee

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No Caption ABCDE ENGANL00120130827124607

A Soham Scout committee member said he felt “sick as a dog” when he arrived at the second day of a festival to find his group’s most expensive marquee savaged by vandals.

The Soham 2nd Scout group had lent their 30ft by 20ft marquee for Soham Rotary Club’s beer festival earlier this month but found it had been slashed numerous times before the second day had begun.

Six full length tears to the 6ft high canvas, as well as a huge hole in the roof, may have rendered it beyond repair and Scout leader Barry Sayers estimated that a replacement would cost up to £3,000.

“I’m gutted and sick as a dog. It was senseless and it didn’t need to be done,” said Scout quartermaster John Gilbey.

“What do we do with people like this? If it stops us letting the marquees out, they have beaten us,”

Group leader, Marian Botting, added: “Numb is the word. Until I saw the photographs you couldn’t believe someone would do that.”

Following the public outcry at the act of vandalism a fundraising concert has been organised at the Ross Peers Centre on Saturday, featuring five local bands.

“This is the last thing we expected, a concert. This is a big surprise and quite fantastic,” said Mr Sayers. “It is a mark of how popular they are that lots of people in the town are chipping in.”

Acts Bella Loka, Screen People and Krusty Whiskers are headlining the concert from 7.30pm to 11.30pm and will be supported by Drew Girling and Michael Antony. Tickets cost up to £10 and can be bought from