Schoolgirl’s Tube walk in memory of her aunt Teresa

Lani and Charlie King and Terri Goff ANL-150605-092056001
Lani and Charlie King and Terri Goff ANL-150605-092056001
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A Soham schoolgirl will attempt to walk 21 miles of London Underground’s Central Line in memory of her 39-year-old aunt , Teresa King, who lost her battle with cancer earlier this year.

Eight-year-old Charlie King, a pupil at Weatheralls primary school,will be walking above ground from Redbridge to Ealing Broadway, a route covering 26 Tube stations, at the end of this month with her mum, Lani, and aunt Teri Goff.

Teresa King ANL-150605-092109001

Teresa King ANL-150605-092109001

“Charlie loved Teresa and when she died it made her all the more determined to do something which might help other people with cancer,” said Lani.

“She had already decided to raise money for Cancer Research. She knew about the Race For Life but she wanted to do something a bit different so we came up with the idea of walking station to station in London.

She added: “I’m extremely proud of Charlie for what she’s doing to try and help others so they won’t have to go through what we’ve suffered.

Lani said Teresa who was her sister-in-law, had first been diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2013.

“She really fought hard against it and for a while it looked like she was winning her battle when last summer she was given the all clear.

“But in December 2014 the cancer came back in her brain and she was told it was terminal and only had weeks to live. Charlie knew her auntie had cancer but I didn’t tell her how bad it was until she died.”

Teresa. who was engaged, lived in Isleham. She was a member at Newmarket Leisure Centre and a regular participant in spinning classes.

Charlie, Lani and Teri have been training for their marathon effort. “Charlie puts us both to shame,” said Lani. “When we are flagging she tells us ‘just remember why we are doing this’.”

The trio started their fundraising with a target of £800 but they have already been pledged more than £1,800.

Newmarket-based insurance company, Hastings Direct, where Lani works, has donated £200 as part of its Helping Hand scheme.

The staff also took part in a dress down event which raised a further £120 and many have also contributed via the family’s Just Giving page.

Jay Wootten, community liaison at Hastings Direct said: “When we heard about what Charlie wanted to do in memory of her auntie we were very happy to provide a helping hand. “

If you would like to donate to the King family effort in Teresa’s memory go to