Review: Beach Boys retain that balmy magic

The Beach Boys, Friday,
Adnams Newmarket Night

If you had closed your eyes you would have sworn it was a balmy Californian

evening in the late 1960’s such was the perfect combination of the hottest day of the year and the music of the legendary Beach Boys. In reality it was another of the superb Newmarket Nights where an evening’s racing was followed by an absolutely brilliant performance by a band that many feel were the American equivalent to our very own Beatles.

Kicking off with a non-stop seven-track salvo that started with Do It Again and finished with Surfin’ Safari, The Beach Boys showed that they had lost none of the magic that makes them as popular today as they ever have been. Touring to mark their 50th year, the set was a 33-song celebration that spanned their career and included all the greatest hits and some surprises.

Mike Love proved to be a charismatic frontman, his constant attention to the audience and onstage rapport with fellow Beach Boys veteran Bruce Johnston was genuinely heart-warming. With the other five outstanding musicians who make up the band sharing lead and backing vocals their trademark harmonies sounded wonderful and the many thousands in the audience gladly joined in. Paul Monkhouse