Residents’ tax scam alert

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Residents in East Cambridgeshire are being warned to watch out for a possible Council Tax scam.

The Anglia Revenue Partnership, which deals with council tax payments and benefits on behalf of East Cambridgeshire District Council, is highlighting a recent call they received from a customer in Suffolk.

The resident had received an email, Your Council Tax Bill Overdue which claimed he had an unpaid bill and went on to demand a response providing personal information within 72 hours otherwise further action would be taken.

Instead the resident, who was suspicious contacted his local council.

Jo Brooks, director of the council’s regulatory services, said: “Thankfully in East Cambridgeshire, our residents have not been victims of this type of scam which has been flagged up by the Anglia Revenue Partnership. However that should not make any of us complacent. The professional fraudster will try various techniques and tactics to get money out of their selected victim – it requires vigilance to not fall for the tricks they may use.

“If you are in any doubt, do not respond, please get in touch with us or the police.”

For more information visit or call 0845 072 6000 to speak to an advisor.