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Residents appealing for traffic calming

Anne-Marie Hughes, centre right, with Fitzroy Street residents who have started a petition for traffic calming measures
Anne-Marie Hughes, centre right, with Fitzroy Street residents who have started a petition for traffic calming measures

Residents of Newmarket’s Fitzroy Street have made an impassioned plea for safety measures to be installed to protect residents and pedestrian from speeding traffic.

Anne-Marie Hughes appealed to members of Newmarket Town Council to back residents’ calls and give them a street ‘no longer dominated by motor vehicles.

A petition has been started which the group intends to present to highways authority Suffolk County Council.

“We regularly see cars, motorbikes and even buses going too fast and an increasing amount of traffic is using it as a cut through,” said Anne-Marie, who has been campaigning for traffic calming measures for two years.

“It’s not just the residents either. We have the Kings Theatre in Fitzroy Street, which is an important part of our community and is always very busy with people, not just on performance nights. They have also signed the petition asthey find it hazardous when crossing the road from Grosvenor Yard car park togo to performances. Plus, during other busy times, when younger people andchildren attend workshops there.

“Similarly, the children’s park, The Memorial Gardens, is also very busy and dangerous where people and children cross the part of the road which is near the sharp bend on Lowther Street where cars and buses take up the whole of the road coming round the corner.”

The group has made a number of suggestions including a 20mph speed limit, electronic signs asking motorists to slow down and a pedestrian crossing.

“This is a residential area with real people’s homes. What if a small child runs out into the road, which is very likely being so close to the park?And the theatre, always busy with various community activities. It can happen in a second,” said Anne-Marie.

“As rate-paying citizens of this town, we want and expect a calmer urban environment in our street. An environment that enables more people to choose to walk, cycle and even stand at the side of the road to talk to their neighbours without feeling unsafe.”

Newmarket town councillor and county councillor Rachel Hood said she had been aware of residents’ concerns and agreed to contact the county’s highways department to arrange a meeting between officials and residents to discuss their concerns.

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