Prototype mountain bike stolen in Newmarket could be dangerous owner warns

stolen bike ANL-160226-115203001
stolen bike ANL-160226-115203001

The owners of a pre-production prototype mountain bike stolen from a van parked on Newmarket’s Studlands Park have warned it could be dangerous an untrained rider rider to use.

Pat Campbell-Jenner, brand manager at Ely’s Identiti Bikes, said he had been testing the “one of a kind” bike, which was stolen last night from Nimbus Way, in Wales. “I believe it was an opportunist thief trying their luck with a sign written van on a quiet road as they left other valuable things like tools in the van,” he said. “The bike is one of a kind with the serial number ‘M2’ scratched in by hand on the bottom of the frame. It is raw aluminium with no paint, and currently has grey vinyl rub on stickers in our logo ‘Identiti’ and ‘prototype’ on the top tube. It is the first pre-production prototype, it requires further testing and development before we bring it to market, so the bike out there at the moment may actually be dangerous to ride for the untrained person.”

Mr Campbell-Jenner said he would like to hear from anyone who might know where the bike is. “We want this bike back to continue testing it,” he said.

Anyone with any information can call him on 01353 662662.