Police warning after sex assault

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POLICE have put high visibility patrols in the centre of Ely and warned people not to walk alone. particularly in the dark, after reports of a serious sexual assault on a teenage girl in the city.

The incident, which involved a 13 year old girl was said to have happened in December but was only reported last month.

The teenager said she was sexually assaulted in Lisle Lane by a man described as being between 5’ 9” and six feet tall and wearing a long black coat,

Then on Monday police received a report of a suspicious incident in The Gallery, Ely, when another teenage girl, aged 17, said she had been followed by a man, of a similar description, at about 8.15pm the same day.

She described him as being about 5’7” tall wearing a long black overcoat and a brimmed black hat. As she started to run and was the man chased her until he dropped his hat and stopped.

The girl managed to get to a nearby school and did not come into any physical contact with the man, however the incident left her feeling very scared.

Inspector Marcia Nichols, said: “Both of these incidents have been awful for the girls and we are doing all we can to identify the people responsible.

“Given the close proximity of where these incidents took place and the similarity in the descriptions given by the girls of the offender, we are not ruling out that these incidents could be linked.

“High visibility foot patrols have been put in place in the city centre however I would urge members of the public to be cautious when alone in the area.

“I would advise people to not walk alone where possible, particularly when it is dark.

“Anyone who feels they are in danger should call police immediately on 999 and try to get to a place of safety.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. In an emergency always dial 999.