Police warn motorists to make sure cars are securely locked up

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Police are warning motorists to lock their vehicles after five cars were broken into.

All five vehicles were hit by thieves between Thursday and Friday.

An unlocked Volkswagen Passat was broken into in Scotts Pine Court and pairs of Ray Bann and Prada sunglasses were stolen along with a gym holdall bag.

Meanwhile, an unlocked Ford Mondeo in Rosehip Avenue had an Apple iPhone 5 and items of clothing stolen from inside.

Thieves stole an iPod Touch and an iPod Nano from an unlocked Honda Accord in Highlands, Lakenheath.

And clothing and perfume was stolen from an unlocked Buick Lacrosse in Scotts Pine Court, Red Lodge.

Another vehicle in Bridge Farm Close, Mildenhall, had a bag containing a cheque book stolen from inside. The victim later found the bag, behind an electricity box near to Bridge Farm Close, along with other items not belonging to the victim including a Garmin sat nav and two Ray Bann glasses cases. It is believed the sat nav may have come from an address in Beck Row. Call police on 101 with information.