Police roll out drink drive scheme

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Police in Suffolk are urging people to report drivers who get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol as part of a Christmas drink-drive campaign.

The scheme, which was launched on Monday will run until January 1 and is to be run in conjunction with Norfolk police.

Throughout the time period officers will carry out extra patrols, along with breathalysing any driver who is stopped through concern over their manner of driving.

Police are also calling on the public to play their part to help target the minority that dice with death by give information anonymously to someone who drink drives.

“Drink driving is a priority for us throughout the year and this seasonal campaign gives us the opportunity to reinforce the message that getting behind the wheel over the limit is not worth the risk,” said Chief Inspector Chris Spinks.

“Attitudes towards drink driving have changed tremendously over the years however there remains a hardcore minority of people who still feel this behaviour is acceptable. If you know someone who is drink driving I would urge you to contact the police or Crimestoppers as the call could save a life.”