Police amnesty week for cyclists

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Police in Newmarket are organising an amnesty week to encourage cyclists to check their front and rear bicycle lights.

The Cycle Light Amnesty Week will run from tomorrow until Friday, February 28.

During this week, anyone who is issued a ticket for not having lights on their bicycle will have one week to present themselves and their bike at Newmarket Police Station with a full set of lights attached.

This will result in any fixed penalty tickets being revoked.

A spokesman for Newmarket’s Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) said: “It is a legal requirement that whilst riding a pedal cycle during the hours of darkness your cycle has a fully functioning front and rear light.

“If you are stopped during the hours of darkness with no lights, or defective lights, you are liable for a £50 fine.”

The SNT has secured deals with Newmarket cycle shops Halfords, in Oaks Drive, and Elemental Bikes, in Old Station Road, where cyclists will be able to show their fixed penalty tickets during the amnesty week to buy a set of lights at a reduced price.