Police act to combat telephone scammers

Crime prevention panel ANL-141222-164110001
Crime prevention panel ANL-141222-164110001
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Police in Newmarket have given out goody bags to senior citizens in a bid to stop them falling victim to phone scammers.

As part of a campaign, which is being sponsored by the Forest Heath Crime Prevention Panel, the Newmarket Safer Neighbourhood Team along with members of the panel, attended the Gredley Christmas lunches held at Tattersalls earlier this month.

In total around 700 bags were handed out to senior citizens with the aim of promoting awareness around bogus phone calls, in particular the ‘police officer scam’ where fraudsters, pretending to be police officers, try to persuade victims to withdraw cash from their bank for it to be collected by a courier.

To try to combat the scam crime reduction officers have devised an advice card and stickers to go beside phones advising people what to do if they receive a suspicious call including never giving personal details or bank details 0or a commitment to buy anything over the phone.

In the region of 1,450 cards/stickers have also been issued at the annual charity hand-outs in Mildenhall, Beck Row and West Row.