Plan to freeze council tax

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No Caption ABCDE ENGANL00120130827124442

A council leader has called on councillors to back his plan to freeze council tax for a sixth successive year.

Cllr James Waters, leader of Forest Heath District Council (FHDC), proposed his ‘no rise’ strategy earlier this week ahead of the authority’s budget setting meeting next month.

“We accomplish a huge amount with the share of council tax that comes to Forest Heath,” said Cllr Waters.

“Despite some really tough financial times, including having our Government revenue support grant cut nearly in half over the past couple of years, we are delivering great services that people really value and working hard for those who live in the district.

“There are some huge challenges ahead but I am confident we are well-placed to meet them without needing to raise council tax further which is why I will be asking councillors to support a freeze.”

Although calling on a freeze in council tax Forest Heath is looking to cut its costs even further by changing the way it delivers services. It is also trying to increase its income, including looking for commercial opportunities it can get involved in.

By working in partnership with neighbouring St Edmundsbury Borough Council under the West Suffolk banner, the Mildenhall-based authority has saved more than £1.2 million.