‘Paul’s death has had a profound effect on us all’

Andrew Turner from Mildenhall convicted of murder ANL-140624-161736001
Andrew Turner from Mildenhall convicted of murder ANL-140624-161736001

The family of a popular Mildenhall angler stabbed to death by his former house mate said he would be in their hearts and thoughts forever.

Forty-one-year-old Paul Bone was stabbed so hard by Andrew Turner, 50, that the knife broke a rib before piercing his heart. Turner was found guilty of murder and sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court yesterday. He will serve a minimum of 17 years.

After the hearing Mr Bone’s family said in a statement: “Paul is deeply missed by all of his family and friends. His untimely death in such tragic circumstances has profoundly affected us all. The last six months leading up to the trial have been horrific, however justice has now been served and Paul’s mum Linda can now slowly attempt to come to terms with his death.

“Paul was a loving and generous man who always had time for everybody else especially those who were less fortunate than himself.”

Reportedly one of the most popular carp fisherman in East Anglia, fellow anglers and friends have said that the riverbanks will simply just not be the same without him.”

During the seven-day hearing, the court heard that the stabbing had followed a night of heavy drinking five days before Christmas last year, at Turner’s home in Pembroke Close in Mildenhall, Turner, who pleaded not guilty to murder, told the jury that he had been friends with Mr Bone for about five years and had previously shared an address with him for a year.

Police had been called to the house by the ambulance service at around 12.50am on December 20 after a neighbour had found Mr Bone, of Trinity Avenue, collapsed in the doorway. He was pronounced dead at the scene and a post mortem examination later revealed he had died from a single stab wound. The weapon used was later found to be a knife that had been left on a draining board.

The court heard that Mr Bone had been at the house drinking with Turner and his partner, Julie Salmon. Giving evidence, Turner had denied having used the knife to kill Mr Bone and said he had no intention of causing him serious harm. He claimed that he had woken up on a settee to hear Ms Salmon calling for help as Mr Bone held onto her arms and was trying to push her legs apart. He told Mr Bone to leave and then found him holding a knife.

A struggle had followed during which both men ended up on the floor. Turner said Mr Bone had got up and walked out of the room.

“As I walked out I virtually stood on him in the hall. He was on his back with his eyes wide open,” he said. “I thought he was messing about. I noticed a tear on his shirt and then I noticed that he wasn’t moving at all.”