‘Outstanding’ hat-trick for town’s Montessori school

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A Newmarket nursery school has received its third ‘outstanding’ rating from Government inspectors.

Leadership at the Colourbox Montessori School in Exning Road was described as ‘inspirational’ by inspector Lynn Clements who said: “The quest for excellence in all of the school’s activities is demonstrated by an uncompromising , highly successful and well-documented drive to strongly improve achievement.”

Sandra Copping, operations manager at the school said: “I am absolutely delighted.

“This is our third outstanding rating and each one has been worded better than the one before.”

The school, which was a finalist in this year’s Raising the Bar educational awards run by Suffolk County Council, currently caters for 173 children in the early years age group and employs 26 childcare staff as well as a fully qualified cook.

In her report the inspector said: “Members of staff have very high expectations of children.

“They use their excellent knowledge of the seven areas of learning to provide each child, regardless of their age, ability or starting point, with rich and varied learning opportunities.

“This attention to detail means the children make exceptionally good progress.

“Staff strive to explore inspirational ways to deliver the excellent educational programmes and to share this knowledge across the staff team.” She said staff also worked closely with local primary schools to ensure that children were ‘exceptionally well equipped’ for their future learning.

The inspector praised the behaviour of the pupils which she said was ‘excellent’.

“This is supported by the exceptionally positive role model of all members of staff,” she said. “They fully support the children in acquiring exceedingly good manners.

“They are very courteous and demonstrate clear care and consideration for other.”

She said the activities children enjoyed were of ‘superb quality and open-ended’, enabling them to develop their play and were as limitless as their imaginations.

The report said parents also spoke highly of all members of staff and the wonderful opportunities they provided for their children.

One parent said: “I can’t express enough how much Colourbox has done for my child and for us as a family.

“Their ethos in helping every child reach their maximum potential is so true whatever their abilities. In all children they see potential.”

The inspector also praised staff for making sure they met safeguarding and welfare requirements and said the school had extremely effective procedures in place.