Obituary: Terence Hurrell

Terence (Terry) John Gray Hurrell, of Bennett Road, Red Lodge, died suddenly at his home on October 23 after a short illness. He was 61.

Born in Bury St Edmunds, he lived in Icklingham and attended the primary school before Eriswell primary and later Brandon Secondary Modern.

For a time he lived at Eriswell Chequers, which his parents ran, before moving back to Icklingham until he married in 1974 and moved to Red Lodge.

In maintenance work for most of his career, his last 12 years were as a maintenance manager with Heraeus Noblelight, on the Science Park in Cambridge.

A keen gardener, he also enjoyed motorcycle racing, sea fishing and was a steam train enthusiast.

Mr Hurrell is survived by his wife, Janette, and leaves two sons, Mark and Adam, and two grandchildren, Kelsie and Jack. He also leaves a sister, Marian.

His funeral was held at a packed St Mary’s Church, Mildenhall, on November 8 and donations in lieu of flowers totalling more than £1,500 was offered for the Each Anglian Children’s Hospices. The Rev Rosemary Rycraft officiated.

Family mourners were: Janette Hurrell (widow), Mark Hurrell and Kimberley Wal, Adam Hurrell and Ramona Langham (rep Jack), Kelsie Hurrell, Marian and Melvyn Rutter, Ray and Christine Youngs, Kimberley Youngs, Jason and Nicki Youngs (Racheal and Luke), Liz Youngs and Wayne Olsson, Tom Youngs (Michelle and Hannah), Aron, Roxanne, Amber and Max Rutter, Steven Rutter, Theresa Youngs and Martin Eeles, Christopher Youngs and Alex Youngs.

Other mourners were: Colin Flack, Edward Morley, Pam and Tony King, Phil Ince, David Allen, Susan Beales, Mr and Mrs I Long, Mr and Mrs Barry Slater, Colin Harridine, Sean, Tara and Jack Cornish, Nicky Parrot (family), Joan and Mick Grant (family), Helen Reeve (Chris and Catherine Reeve), K Locke and family, Mr and Mrs Kerr, Janet Green, Chris Potter, Hayley and Ken Clark, Ros and Mick Gent, Mr and Mrs Sparrow, Heather Palfrey (Brian), Maureen Woollard, Merril Debrack, Penny and Brian Harvey, Amanda and Terry Chapman, Julie and Jody White, Michael Bennett, Jan Lewandowski, Paul Joclin, Rosemary Coulson, Barbara Greig, Michael Green, Ann Lipman, Carole Love, Sarah Farivard, Paul Cooper, David Holmes, David King, John Lock, Olive Denman, Christine Barton, Derek and Carol Lambert, Bob Scott, Ian Poskitt, John Littlechild, Jane Barrett, April Ward, Patryk Habrowski, Lisa Carter, Andy and Barbara Wallis, Jo Thompson, Larry Halliday, Maurice Levy, Sharon Heslop, Van Zanoni, Sarah Griffin, Anthea Joseph, George and Sheila Grievson, Sally and Mark Collins, Steve Farr, Jane Walker, Trevor Walker, Jennifer Hurrell, Michael Allen, Robert Stannard, Richard Ball, Paul and Clodagh Drewry and girls, Stephen Dowling, Pat Dowling, James Dowling, Rose and Derek Barker, Jesse Gaskin, Mary Bell, John and Jackie Allen, George Drake (Susan, Paul and Katie), Kerry and Andy Dowling, James and Deborah Harwood Brown, James Parr, Adam Dickie (Dean Skipper and Abi West), Donna and Linda Williams, Linda Watts, David Gathercole, Mr and Mrs Coleman, Pauline Fletcher (David Fletcher), Peter and Greta Reeves (Jean Lancaster), Heather Styles (Chris and Thomas), Sally and Will Courtney, Linda Forder, Margaret Grant, Bill Cobbold, Billy Cornish, Ian Norman, Mark Delaney, Shane and Robert Brown, Lucy Brown (Richard Brown), Marion and David Venables (Stuart and Emma Venables and family), Clive and Margaret McCloud, Thelma and John Murfitt (Coral, Nab and families), Les Cooke, Peter and Carol Shankster, Douglas and Helen Russell, Marian Stebbeds, Rita and Tony Nichols, Malcolm and Betty Thompson (Andrew and Richard), Beryl and Trevor Watts, Audrey Drake (Mavis Cornell), Mr and Mrs Nichols, Gloria and Robert Allen, Lee Foster, Androus Chrysostomou, Phylis Abbott (George Abbott), Ray Beynan, Mr Krzysztof, Dorota Sacha, Mr Libonhomme, Frank and Joyce Bolden, Tammy Aves, Mr and Mrs Whent, Rita and Michael Hayward (Pat Hayward), Patricia and Roger Leonard, Debbie Playle, Mark Bartlett, Jonathan Baldwin, Phil Pollington, Ian Grange, C Beckham, M Doyle, Ann and Terry Bugg, Bob and Vicky Doers, Heidi Spencer and family (lads from Heath Road Garage), Pauline Mitchell, Paul Wells, John Nichol, Paul Bruce, Rachel Cruss, Marilyn and John Newton (Mandy), Mandy Houghton, Maureen Benson, Christine and Michael Nobbs, Peter and Jane Cornish, Mr and Mrs Michael Wal, Simon Wal, Mr and Mrs C Lewis and Mark, Steven and Lynn Nunn and family, Jadi Coe (Carl), Deborah Halls (Gordan Halls and Emma and Matt), Luke Hamill, Ray Clements, Katie and Margaret Ives, Sue Marshall, Steve and Karen Pammenter, Pat O’Rourke (Stephen), Lisa Patrick, Mick Thompson, Mr and Mrs Davis, Rick Boreham, Mr and Mrs Delaney, Mrs Pinkstone, Joanne Barber, Trixie Rowe, Vicki Pearce, Adrian Moore, Sabine Frank (LA Fitness), Bill Forsyth, Richard Steggles, Katie Jones, Natasha Russell, Collett Brennan, Paul Scrutton, Gyles Wigg, Sue and Matthew Leet, Michael Hurrell, Raheela Rehman, Joe Sadler, Ray and Karen Thorpe, Victor Gladwell, Mr and Mrs B Langham, Ros and Paul Hamill, Bernard Waples, Sharon Roberts, Doreen Norman (M Brunning and Mrs F May), Mr and Mrs Pont, Zoe Adams, Robin Saikol and Darren Bentick.