Obituary: Ronald Everitt

Skilled carpenter, Ronald Gordon Everitt, of Fountain Lane, Soham, died in Arthur Rank House, Cambridge, on November 14 after a short illness. He was 79.

Born and living in Soham all of his life, he attended the Shade School before becoming a carpenter and joiner at Soham builders H A Human Ltd and later at the town’s funeral directors C E Fuller & Co, where, since retirement, he supported many families at funerals.

A member of the Methodist Church, in Berrycroft, Soham, all his life, his carpentry skills are evident in many ways in the church.

A popular man in the local community and a great friend to many, he had been a member of Soham Bowls Club for almost 40 years and loved his garden which was admired by many.

He is survived by his wife Thelma, and leaves a daughter, Angela, two grandsons, Mark and Daniel, and a great-granddaughter, five-week-old, Bethany.

Mr Everitt’s funeral was held on November 27 at the Methodist Church, in Berrycroft, which was packed with mourners overflowing into the Sunday school hall.

The service was taken by the Rev Bernard Arnold, who was assisted by the Rev Tim Alban-Jones and the organist was family friend Jim Ames who also gave a tribute.

Family mourners were: Thelma Everitt (widow), Angela and Tony Bocking, Mark and Charlotte Bocking, Daniel Bocking, Rebecca Wells, Chris and Phyl Everitt, Lelia and John Clarke, Janet and Clive Beaumont, Alison and Ivor Collett, Debbie and John Cousins, Alan and Wendy Everitt, and Tony and Liz Everitt.

Among the other mourners were: Helen and Paul Allen (rep Martin, Amanda, Stephen and Kate), Margaret, Tony and Andrew Cotton (Michael, Judy, Stephanie and Matthew), Arleen and Jim King (Beryl and Terry, Margie and Doug, Janice and Roy, and Pat), John Townsend, Mike Burdon, Mr and Mrs G Johnson, Mr and Mrs G Bridges, Brian Lewis, Janet Gill, Olive Newton, Richard Badcock, Gillian Miller, Flo, Trevor Brooks, Dennis Sore, Sue Wingham, Dianne Scott (Stan and family), Georgina Newell, Tony and Marie Brown (Win and Sandra Rampley, the Rev Sara Cliff and Eliza), Les Spragg (Avril), Pete Cowling, Geoff Cooper (Julie), William Metcalfe, Jack Clark, Tony Buck, Anita and Reg Brown, Mr and Mrs R Aveling, Pauline Hitchings (Audrey Palmer), J Pearson, Ray and Judith Flatt, Colin Fordham, Mr and Mrs P Taylor (Soham Bowls Club), Mrs M Manning (Mr and Mrs O’Dell), Scott Atkinson, Steph Peart, Mr and Mrs Bob Reeve, Mr and Mrs Johnson (Mrs B Audus), Mr and Mrs Ballard, Mrs J Dawkins (family), Susan Adams (Doug), Joan Gill, John Heaps (Jean and Ray Simpson, Crown Garage), Val and Bob Jonas (Trevor Swann), Glenda Griffiths (John, Luan and Simon), Mr and Mrs C Palmer, Mrs V Seal, Mr and Mrs Roy Peacock (Jennifer and Andrew), Mr and Mrs Westley, Mr and Mrs Bavister, Mrs Driver, Doreen Rule (Carol and John Brannan), Mr and Mrs D Bysouth, Mr and Mrs N How, David, Sheryl and Jack Bocking (Charlotte), Mr P Fordham, Peter Brooks, Mr and Mrs D Long, Mr and Mrs Colin Bullman, Jackie Hobbs, Michelle and Nicola, Neil Leonard, Mr and Mrs A Badcock, Mrs Seal (Mr Seal), Kelvin and Susan Wells, Alan Mason, J Lowe, Glenn and Leanne Woodbridge (Debbie and family), Mr and Mrs J Lofts, Pat Horne, Daphne Aves, Pam Lynch, Mrs G Bowman (Ronnie), Mrs Steward, Gloria Isaacson, Brian Monaghan, Jim and Zoe Dawson, Teresa Harding, Sadie Harvey, Gayle Bullman, Mary and Bert Howe (John and Doreen Gilbey and Tracey Payne), Kathryn and Geoff, Mr and Mrs G Bird, Jean and John Wells, Barbara and Gordon Barber, John Southgate (Mrs Southgate and Bowls Cambridgeshire), George and Ruth Ginn, David and Jean Brown (Vernon and Brenda Place), Bev and Frank Eagles, Rose and Brian Poulson, Lorraine Benton, John and Miriam Fordham, Pam Hall, Brian Hall, Rosemary and Brian Hills, Mr and Mrs Arthur Carpenter, Wendy and Alan Brown, Heather Williams, Philip Cowell, Pat Griggs, Paul Horking, Peter and Jenny Flatt (Lorraine and Stuart Fairhead), Mr Newell, Brian and Helen Fordham, Jim and Joy Ames, Mr and Mrs Fletcher, Joan and Ken Chapman (Ron Palmer RBL), Susan Hall, Mr and Mrs Cheesley, Olga Flack, Heather Damsell, Roger Morley, Terry and Carol Galley (Bette and Jim Bentick), Pat and Roger Bayes, Peggy Leonard, Ivy Cresswell, Mr and Mrs Hopkin, Hazel King (Daphne Haddock and Ann Taylor), Connie Lawrence, Joy and Richard Dean (Louise and Jonathan), Bill and Carol Reeve, Kelly Driver, Sharon Grimwood (Barry and Sally Blatchford), Edward Hobbs, Barry Barber, John Bocking, Claire and Peter White, Carol and Eric Mason, Alwyn Carter (Heather), John Cole (Carol), Tom Brown (Maureen), Susan Gardener, Judy and Roger Baker, Greta Randall (Don), Chris Reader (Mary and Olive Reader), Ian and Susan Human, Maureen Fitt, Mr and Mrs D Richards, Craig Lofts, Margaret and Chris How, Ian Storey, Tony Leonard, Mr and Mrs F W Fordham, Alison Bye, Teresa and John Frost, Mr and Mrs Anthony Hobbs, Patrick and Rita Clark, Barbara and Roy Harlow (Greg Harlow, Joanne and Mark Davy), Jean and Tony Carlton (Fordham Bowls Club), Ivan Thorby, Mr and Mrs T Beeton, Valerie Pipe, Denise Gilbey, Anne and Sarah Willett, Susan Pyle, Brian Shingle, John Attlesey, Joshua Schumann (family), Margaret Brown, Tracey Summers, Mr and Mrs Bysouth, Margaret Turner (Peter Turner and Ivan and Cheryl Cox), and Ben Bullman.