Obituary: Joyce Grainger

The funeral service of Joyce Grainger, who died peacefully at Queens Court, Bottisham on October 13 at the age of 93, took place at Brinkley Parish Church on October 24 and was followed by interment in the grave of her late husband, Reginald, in the churchyard.

The service was conducted by family friend the Rev Simon Goddard, and chaplain of Queens Court, Bottisham, with Margaret Salzmann as organist.

Family and friends attending were: John and Irene Grainger, Pauline and Arthur Mortlock, Christine and Neil Crick (rep Janet Crick), Donna and Toni Dart, Andrew Grainger, Vanessa Simmons, Nicole Burnett, James and Helen Crick, Dylen Crick (Thomas), Carwyn and Bronwen Crick, Joanne Crick, Ryan Pace, Natasha Dart, Tom Ellis, Timothy Dart, Charlotte Swift, Michele Lewis, Kieran Lewis, Kathleen Lister, Gary Lister, Phillip Griggs, Ray, David and Trevor Griggs, the Rev Simon Goddard, Clive and Dorothy Fletcher, Jackie Sharpe (Richard and Gillian), Tina and Derek Smith, Jennifer Piper, Mr and Mrs K Boreham, Sandy and Jo Hubbard, Roger Wheatley, Christine Humphries, Mr and Mrs Hempstead and family, Andy Wylie, Robin Wylie, Mr L Field (Mrs M Field), John Robertson (church warden), Jenny and David Jones, Peter and Carol Lister, Peter Coppen, Les Foxteece, Margaret Culpin, Neville Crick, Mr and Mrs B Lister (Ian Lister), Nicola Collis, J Clements, E Clements and from Queens Court: Doreen Smalley, Yvonne Webb, Stuart Elbrow, Alistair White, Tracy Bowman, Libby Tennant, Sarah Tennant, Honor Carter, and Alison Pearson.