Obituary: Carol Johnston

Dog-lover, Carol Ann Margaret Johnston, died at her home in Tunbridge Close, Burwell, on January 15 after a short illness. She was 65.

Although born in King’s Lynn, she had lived in Burwell and worked as a care assistant at Ness Court in the village for several years.

Her love of dogs extends to having four, Alfie, Travis, Jack and Harry, and in her earlier years, along with her daughter, Tracy, she would compete in dog agility events.

Mrs Johnston is survived by her husband, Les, and leaves two daughters, Paula and Tracy.

Her funeral was held at West Suffolk Crematorium, Risby, on January 22 and the Rev Graham Locking conducted the service.

Family mourners were: Les Johnston (widower), Paula Johnston and Tracy Johnston.

Others attending were friends and neighbours: Wendy Clay, Julia and Alan Skinner, Becky, Dan and James, Lucy, Scott and Jacob, Shaun and Sally O’Dowd, Tracy Hood and John Calder, Jeanette and John Milne, Pat Francis, Marge Holmes and from Ness Court, Julie Leech, Sue Smith, Susan Palmer Mel Newley, Sandra Bitton, Janis Barber, Andrew, Sharon Griggs and Marilyn Jackson.